CEO Wakeup Call! What You Don’t Know About Shipping Can Be Costing You.

I know how hard it is to be a CEO; I ran my own company for 20 years. There are so many balls in the air and too little time. It is difficult, if not impossible to take a deep dive in any area. There is a hidden cost that if you don’t know about, will cost your company significantly. It is the cost of shipping. Shipping can be easily masqueraded from your view.

I recently had a CEO tell me that she felt guilty because she was overcharging her customers on shipping. When I took a close look at what was happening in her company and showed her, she was shocked to learn that she was losing $100,000 a year.

Here is what happened.

Many businesses bill their customers for shipping; some even add shipping and handling charges. Most companies will invoice the UPS and FedEx published rates and believe that they are making a profit on shipping because their logistics manager has negotiated a discount with the carrier. This was her case and why she believed she was making a profit.

We looked at her financial statements–the go to place where a CEO judges how the company is doing. On her income statement, there was a revenue line for shipping and it was named, shipping (recouped). The $200,000 listed looked very positive. CEOs love the top line.

I inquired what about this and she told me that it was the profit that they made on shipping. On further examination, we discovered that it was the total amount of revenue (not profit) for shipping that was invoiced. So, when a customer is invoiced for the goods, they also invoiced their customer for shipping and kept track of that amount in their chart of accounts. (This is a good practice; some companies don’t keep track of it separately and it is hidden from inspection.)

We then looked at where the payments to UPS were showing up on her income statement. Those costs were buried in the Cost of Goods Sold.

The total–$300,000.

“How is that possible?” she exclaimed.

She was losing over $100,000 a year on shipping and had no idea.

Stay tuned and you can learn what we discovered.


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