Even Small Parcel Shippers Can Save 50% or More!

Wow! It sure does cost a lot to ship a small package. Even though I advise people on shipping packages, the truth is that I don’t personally ship that much, maybe a couple of packages a month. So, when I do ship something, like I did over the weekend, I experienced firsthand the surprise and frustration of small parcel shippers. Here is what I saw and learned when I shipped several items.

  • My first observation was that the retail cost to ship an envelope across the country (from New York City to Beverly Hills, CA) was exactly the same for FedEx Priority Overnight and UPS Next Day Air. I knew that the prices for ground shipments were the same but I did not realize that it was also true for express shipments.
  • Of course I was shocked that the price was $32.05! I can’t believe that anyone pays that much.
  • Of course, I was glad that I only paid $14.11 with the discounted rate that I was able to obtain because of my industry knowledge. I saved 56%!
  • I wondered how people that don’t know where to get a discount feel about paying so much to send an overnight letter. If you email me at mark.taylor@myshippingcoach.com, I will be happy to share with you how I received that rate.

My second package was 2.2 pounds that I was sending to my son in Texas.

  • I went to USPS.com to get the rates. I was surprised that this small package was going to cost me $9.95 to send Priority Mail.
  • I saw that I can save $.60 by shipping it online and get Delivery Confirmation for free, saving another $.70 for a total savings of 13%.
  • I wished that it could fit into Priority Mail® Small Flat Rate Box for only $4.85 online.
  • While it could have fit into the Priority Mail® Medium Flat Rate Box, that would have cost $10.20 online or $.85 more.
  • I wondered if people sometimes made the mistake of thinking that the Flat Rate Boxes were always the cheapest way to ship something.
  • I then went to FedEx.com to compare prices. The retail rate for FedEx Home Delivery was $11.50.
  • But my discounted rate was only $8.57, 25% less than retail!
  • I thought about all the people I see standing in line at Kinko’s to ship a package and pay more; I wondered how they compete with bigger companies if they were businesspeople.

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