UPS 2010 Rate Increase—In-Depth Analysis, Great Links, and How to Get a 31% UPS Discount

Attention UPS Shippers: the rates will be increasing on January 4, 2010. Most of you probably know this by now, but what you may not realize is how the rates will impact your budgets for 2010. My friend and colleague, Doug Kahl, wrote a useful analysis for PARCEL magazine which I would encourage you to read, called, UPS 2010 Rates: An In-depth Look.

In a nutshell, UPS Ground UPS Ground service will increase 4.9%. Doug provides an in-depth initial analysis of the 2010 Ground Rates UPS List Rate Increase that you can download. You will see that the lower weights and zones, less than five pounds, go up a little over 6%.

UPS Air and International Services will increase 6.9% in the base rate and will reduce the Air and International Services fuel surcharge by 2%. Doug also provides an analysis of the express services that you can download.

If you would like to see how UPS will compute the fuel surcharge next year, you can download the PDF, Fuel Surcharge Calculation Changes. You can download Doug’s analysis of fuel surcharges here.

Some of the highest increases occur with the 2010 Surcharges. You can download an excel spreadsheet.

The 2010 UPS Rate and Service Guide for Daily Rates is available here for download. You can also see the Retail Rates here.

The difference between retail and daily rates is significant. Retail is $7.05 for a zone 2 one-pound package compared to $4.84 for Daily Rates. You pay 31% more for retail! Nobody that ships regularly should pay for retail. Retail rates are for what is known in the industry as “gift shippers” or consumers. (see my blog on Consumer Parcel Shippers Pay More for Shipping). These are people that only ship once or twice a year and don’t have an account with a carrier.

Here is how to get up to a 31% Discount on UPS:

Discounts are available for shippers; in fact, eBay shippers can get an account with UPS and qualify for the lower daily rates and save 31%. You can find out more about the eBay discount here. So even if you ship a few packages a month, you could save a lot of money on shipping!





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