Ten Software Features for Internet Retailers Shipping UPS, USPS and FedEx

The fifth category of parcel shippers is an Internet Retailer. This could be a SOHO with a website that markets products over the internet or a power seller on eBay. It could also be a retail store that also markets their products online. The difference here is volume. Internet Retailers ship every day. Volumes can range from a dozen packages to a hundred plus parcels a day. Technology becomes critical to making their lives easier. They utilize programs like Blackthorne Pro, Auctiva, and Channel Advisor to automate their auctions, images, orders, and fulfillment. When it comes to shipping, technology that can increase productivity is important. The following are features and functionality that appeals to Internet Retailers:

  1. Internet Retailers want shipping functionality integrated with the software that they use to process orders. They don’t want to have to type or cut and paste shipping addresses from one software program into another.
  2. The ideal shipping technology provides the most cost effective service and carrier for each package. This can be accomplished through business rules or comparing prices based on delivery requirements.
  3. The capacity to ship with multiple carriers. These shippers realize that no carrier is the least expensive in all categories. They want to be able to ship with several carriers. They need to print USPS First Class, Priority Mail and Media Mail labels with Delivery Confirmation. They want PC Postage capabilities and also need to be able to ship packages via UPS, DHL, and FedEx.
  4. Technology that can cut costs and eliminate errors is valued such as features like address validation and checking whether or not an address is a residence or business that can reduce accessorial charges.
  5. The ability to ship parcels to international locations is essential.
  6. Batch processing is indispensable. Internet Retailers want to be able to produce shipping labels in mass rather than one at a time.
  7. The capacity to have multiple users is significant; this is the first category that may have employees to help in the shipping process.
  8. Tracking of packages is important to this segment; they are committed to customer service and want to easily respond to customer inquiries; they want to know when a package was delivered.
  9. Internet Retailers also want to pro-actively notify their customers when a package has shipped, the carrier, and the tracking number. They want shipping software that can send an email automatically to a customer with all the details.
  10. Finally, the Internet Retailer wants reports on shipping volume, average weight per package, average cost per package, dollars spent for each service and carrier, and so forth.

3 Responses to Ten Software Features for Internet Retailers Shipping UPS, USPS and FedEx

  1. Tejas says:


    I am wondering if you can help point me in the right direction. I am looking for either a software or online based system that will easily let me choose from UPS, FedEx or USPS. In addition, it would need to show the shipping rates for each (pretty much the biggest factor in shipping).

    Do you know of any such system?


  2. Geoff Fox says:

    This is very useful information, please keep me updated with new posts.

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