Consumer Parcel Shippers Pay More for Shipping

The intention of my next several posts is to provide distinctions of the different types of parcel shippers. I am doing this for several reasons:

  1. Parcel shippers and readers of this blog can identify themselves and their needs.
  2. Once identified, they can see what others in their category typically do and discover ideas for saving on shipping that are suitable for them.
  3. Technology companies that offer shipping software can also use this to segment the market and design appropriate solutions with the features and price points for that segment.

The first category is the Consumer— someone who occasional ships a package. In the parcel industry, the consumer shipper is sometimes referred to as the gift shipper because they are typically someone who only ships when they have a gift to send. These are some of the characteristics of consumer shippers:

  1. This is the single largest group of shippers.
  2. Most of them ship by going to the US Post Office and paying for postage over the counter.
  3. If they don’t go to the Post Office, they go to a UPS store and have their packages packed.
  4. Convenience is the most important benefit they seek in shipping.
  5. Consumer shippers pay the most for shipping a package; most pay retail or higher.
  6. Many consumer shippers pay for services they don’t need because of their ignorance about options available. For example, they pay for second day or next day service when a ground package could get there the same day or sooner for a fraction of the cost.

Taylor’s Tips for Consumer Shippers

  1. Ship online and save.
  2. Compare services.

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