5 Actions to Offset Today’s UPS & FedEx Rates Increase

The largest percentage increase in ground parcel rates from both UPS and FedEx go into effect today. While they announced that the average increase is 5.9%, it is important to know that this is only an average. Certain weights and zones are much higher.

What can you do about it?

  1. Minimize surcharges; the cost to ship to a residence is 30% more than a business. Ship your package to your recipients’ office rather than home.
  2. Compare rates with other carriers; look at the cost to ship the package with the USPS or regional carriers. It could be as much as 50% less
  3. Get a discount; if you have a discount, now may be the time to reassess your rates. If you want a professional analysis of whether you are getting the discounts that you deserve, let me know.
  4. Eliminate mistakes; the cost of an address correction has increased by $2 or 33%. It will cost you $8 extra if you don’t have the address correct. Use the carrier’s website or third party software to validate the address.
  5. Ship it with a cheaper service; ship it ground instead of express. Compare delivery times and days.

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