RedRoller Ceases Operations

The on-line shipping comparison site,, has discontinued its operations.  On September 15, 2008, RedRoller filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code, and last week that proceeding was converted to a Chapter 7 liquidation.  The RedRoller site is no longer operational, and its assets will be sold for the benefit of its creditors under the supervision of the bankruptcy trustee.

RedRoller had the potential to bring the power of multi-carrier rate shopping to the small business shipper by allowing users to compare rates and services from the US Post Office, FedEx, DHL, and regional carriers Eastern Connection, Lone Star Overnight, and Overnite Express.  Unlike others in the field, it served the actual discounted rates from the carriers, with all the accessorial charges, so that a true comparison could be made. 

As the former Chief Logistics Officer and a major investor, I am sad to see that the company was unable to develop a successful business out of what was a great concept.


One Response to RedRoller Ceases Operations

  1. Red Roller provided a valuable service for small businesses and they had a really nice application. Rate comparisons are important for merchants to be able to get product to customers and into warehouses for a reasonable price. Especially now that parcel carriers are increasing rates in January.

    Shipwire allows merchants to compare rates as well. We have a ship from your desktop service that does the rate comparison and then allows merchants to print labels. We’ve reintroduced it when USPS label printer went offline this week. Print Shipping Labels

    We also offer ecommerce order fulfillment services,

    An interesting thing that goes along with with Red Roller conversation is that we have parcel rating API’s that allow merchants to pull parcel rates from our shipping tables and present them in online stores, comparison tables, etc. So you can be your own Red Roller.

    Thanks for the great post. I’m going to link to it from our blog here in a moment.


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