DHL Introduces New International Shipping Services

Some people are sour that DHL is shutting down their domestic ground and express operation in the U.S.

Can lemonade be made out of this lemon?

According to John Mullen, CEO of DHL Express, in early 2009, DHL will introduce their first deferred international (day definite shipping) product for U.S. customers, named Economy Select International. If this product is priced right, it could be a great option for shippers wanting an economical way to send their product internationally.

In addition, DHL Express will introduce time definite Express products from the U.S. with 9AM and 12 noon delivery to select destinations internationally.

DHL’s commitment is to focus on their core competence, international shipping. According to Mullen, “DHL will offer the latest pickup and the earliest delivery times into and out of many U.S. major metropolitan areas for international shipments and will continue to have a strong presence in the U.S. coupled with an unparalleled global network.”

Let’s hope that DHL will make shipping international more competitive with more options, better service, and lower prices.


One Response to DHL Introduces New International Shipping Services

  1. It is going to be very interesting to see how this international strategy will play out. It seems to have worked for TNT, but then again, not many in the US know or use TNT. With UPS and FedEx positioning bundled pricing for shippers who use their domestic, international, freight and “supply chain” services, I think DHL will have a significantly hard time in the US unless their new and improved international service or pricing is drastically different – which I doubt.
    The lemonade (to borrow your analogy) that I see is that UPS and FedEx are hurting for business in this economy and as a result, shippers can still benefit from some, albeit less, competition.

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