Are You Making This Shipping Mistake?


Fuel surcharges for UPS, FedEx, & DHL changed yesterday and today. Will your shipping system automatically change on the right day and accurately calculate the correct charge?

The majority of shippers charge their customers shipping costs based on the amounts provided by their shipping system, not on the actual invoices from their carriers. You need to make sure that your shipping technology is utilizing the rates you are paying. If your system does not change the fuel surcharge automatically, you could be charging the wrong amount.

Many older shipping systems require the operator to be trained to make the change and remember to do it.

Are you confident your system has the right fuel surcharge?

Here is a summary of the changes:

Effective Date Carrier Service Fuel Surcharge
11/3/2008 UPS Ground 8.25%
11/3/2008 UPS Air/International 28.5%
11/3/2008 FedEx Ground 8.25%
11/3/2008 FedEx Air/International 28.5%
11/2/2008 DHL Ground 8.3%
11/2/2008 DHL Air/International 30.5%

One Response to Are You Making This Shipping Mistake?

  1. Great info Mark!

    Is there anywhere i get get this info daily or weekly?

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