UPS Increases Price for Shipping to Small Towns

Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin may believe that the best of America is in small towns but UPS is going to charge more to ship a package there in 2009. UPS provided details on their January price increase and a new charge will apply to residential destinations deemed “extended”. The wonderful little pockets of the real America include 19,251 zip codes. It will cost an additional $2.65 to ship to one of these small towns compared to the big cities!

If you are familiar with the term, Delivery Area Surcharge, or DAS, than you know that the parcel carriers already charge more for some zip codes. The new pricing now has two charges–$2.40 more to residences in the rural areas and $2.65 for the super rural areas.

According to my friend, Doug Caldwell, EVP of, “More than 75 million people now live in a ZIP Code subject to at least one of these “rural” area charges—over 25% of the US population. And nearly 50 million of those people are now subject to the new, 25-cent “Extended” charge.

While most of these ZIP Codes are in truly rural areas, others are decidedly not. (Take ultra-chic Malibu California 90265, home to Tom Hanks, Barbara Streisand, Dustin Hoffman and scores of other stars—yes, it’s now on the “rural” list. And how about Washington DC 20041—this “rural” ZIP Code is actually in the area of Ronald Reagan airport in downtown DC—one of the most densely populated urban areas in the country!)”

If you use a computerized shipping system to process your packages, make sure that you will have these new charges


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