FedEx Executive Shares Delivery Options Every Online Seller Should Know

FedEx Home Delivery is a service designed for online retailers and eBay sellers that have hard to please the customers. Did you know that FedEx will call your customer and set up an appointment to deliver the package when the customer is home? Even at night or on a Saturday.

We all lead busy lives and it is frustrating as a consumer to have to wait for a package to be delivered. It is even worse if the carrier comes and leaves a note on the door saying that they attempted a delivery and you have to wait another day.

Steve Noble, Product Manager for FedEx Home Delivery, talked to me at the National Conference on Operations and Fulfillment about some of the unique options that FedEx can provide to satisfy customers.

FedEx Home Delivery offers features like the following:

  • Delivery until 8 PM (like when we are home from work) and the option for an evening delivery
  • Saturday delivery at no extra charge
  • An option to specify the day the package will be delivered
  • You can even specify a specific date and scheduled time. FedEx will contact the recipient by phone in advance to schedule the delivery.

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