Retired DHL VP Shares Inside Secrets for Slashing Shipping Cost

Jerry Hempstead retired as Vice President of DHL in January 2006 after 33 years in our industry. At the National Conference on Operations & Fulfillment, Jerry moderated the panel discussion of experts (I was one), entitled “40 Ideas to Reduce Shipping Costs”.

I asked Jerry to if he could provide advice for small business shippers, eBay sellers, and online merchants on how they might be able to cut their shipping costs. In this video, Jerry shares, what he calls, the best kept secrets in the industry for saving on shipping.

Jerry believes that the best way to cut express shipping is to use the carrier’s pre-paid products.

DHL has a product, called ShipReady. You can purchase letter, legal, packs or boxes. The minimum quantity is 10. I looked at the price and it was $16 for an envelope guaranteed to arrive the next day before noon. I then looked up how much it would be to ship that envelope across the country using The price was double!

Prepaid services don’t have:

  • Residential surcharges
  • Delivery area surcharges
  • Weight limits
  • Fuel surcharges

This is a GREAT way to save money. Thank you Jerry!

Taylor’s Tip #10, “Purchase prepaid express envelopes; save 50%!”


One Response to Retired DHL VP Shares Inside Secrets for Slashing Shipping Cost

  1. Rich Palarea says:

    Great spot with Jerry. Thanks for sharing this!

    I agree with Jerry; for the right shipper who works out an analysis of how to strategically use ShipReady, it is a good value.

    Richard Palarea, COO
    PA & Associates, Inc.

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