Parcel Shipping Ain’t Easy

One of my teachers once told me that to learn about what is really happening in an industry to watch comedians. Successful comedians take some aspect of reality and we laugh because it is true. Brian Regan shares his experience of trying to ship some packages. If you are an eBay seller or have ever tried to ship a package with UPS, FedEx, or DHL, you have to watch this video. It is too funny.


4 Responses to Parcel Shipping Ain’t Easy

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  2. Randall Foreman says:

    This Guy is Good. Go ahead and laugh and get it out.

  3. I love this guy! There should be a carrier that comes out with their own scale and measuring tape to weigh and measure your packages. From their they can create an invoice and bill you instead of having you do everything. Heck, you’ve already done enough by packing them and we all know that is work.

  4. John Harris says:

    That is the most funniest thing i have ever seen. UPS and Fedex make it so flipping difficult to ship anything nowadays. And of course lets not forget how much they favor the bigger companies by giving them discounts so low that its impossible for any smaller company to compete and make a buck. and we all think why is this economy going down the drain, its all because Manufactures favor larger companies by allowing them to sell product below MAP pricing, if you dont know what MAP pricing is look it up. and if g-d forbid a small company should drop their price below MAP they fire you off an email threatening to sue you or not sell you anymore products if you do not adhere to their pricing structure.

    There are a boatload of politics that go on in the business world that consumers do not know about. Lets take Homedics and Amazon for example, Homedics places MAP on their products, which according to a supreme court ruling they are allowed to do, But they take it a step further and say to their distributors that they must make sure any retailer they sell the products to must sign an agreement that the retailer will not sell the products below MAP, which in this case is illegal, while all along they allow Amazon to sell their products below MAP and dont say a single word to them. If this agreement is not signed the distributor will not sell a retailer the product and or run the risk of Homedics not selling them products any longer. oh and again g-d forbid should the retailer sell a product below MAP, they will get a threatening letter via email or snail mail warning that they will be sued, thanks to a supreme court ruling, that they must raise the price to the MAP price the manufacture placed on the product, and KEEP IN MIND at the same time while they tell you this they are perfectly aware that Amazon is selling the same product below this MAP price. So stop and think before you buy another Homedics product. I hope Homedics goes down the drain.

    My Accusations come from experiencing this first hand. Legally no manufacture is allowed to force a retailer to “sell” a product at a specific price they are allowed to set a MAP price which stands for Manufacture Advertised Price, what does that mean to you? i.e. Advertised is the Key word here. Basically it means a Retailer cannot “Advertise” a product at a price below this point, however again, the retailer is allowed to “sell” it at any price. And this is why when you shop online you sometimes see a message on some websites to “Add this item to your cart to see your special discount” and or sometimes you see an advertisement in a newspaper for a product $149.99 get 75% off or get a free product or free shipping, its all because of the reason i just explained.

    If you understood my rambling, next time you walk into ANY large chain store, or website, and you see this type of advertisement, speak to a sales rep and they will get you a discount just to make the sale, this is allowed because at this point the retailer is no longer “advertising” the product at this point you are a buyer and they will do what they need to do just to make the sale. thats a trick for you to take to any retailer.

    Do a google search for “supreme court ruling on MAP pricing” you will learn some interesting things about the business world and how dirty it is. Shop at smaller vendors, as long as they are legit, keep the small businesses alive. Remember ONLY YOU the consumer can fight for Consumer Rights, this is just one way to do it.

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