What You Can Do About the May Postal Rate Increase

Many small businesses are concerned about the May 12 Postal increase. We know that the cost of a first class stamp is going up by $.01. New prices for Express Mail and Priority Mail have been announced.

The amount of the postal increase is chump change compared to the massive amount of shipping dollars that are wasted every day. On average, a small business is spending 50% more than is necessary. Why? Because small business people dont ship smart. They have little knowledge of shipping options. They don’t know what they don’t know. As a result, on 9 out of 10 packages, they pay way too much.

What can they do?
*Get smart. Learn about shipping.
*Compare shipping rates among various carriers. No carrier is the best carrier for all packages. Do you only fly on a single airline?
*Ship online.

Customers will be offered a 3 percent price reduction by purchasing Express Mail online and Priority Mail will be eligible for an average 3.5 percent savings to customers who use electronic postage.


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